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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Mahatma Gandhi

Recorded Recreational Reading for the Blind (RRRB)

is a non-profit corporation that records news, books and magazines for the visually impaired. RRRB's service qualifies subscribers and supplies them with a recording player. Recordings are mailed to subscribers for use with their player and returned to RRRB for new recordings. The service that Recorded Recreational Reading for Blind provides is completely free. No fees and no postage.

​Individuals who are unable to read newspapers, books

​or magazines because of visual impairment or physical challenge can have access to digital recordings each week to keep in touch with events and news in all areas of the northwest valley of Arizona from their homes .


​​Equipment is loaned to subscribers and easy to use 

with free mail service through mailing privileges of the Library of Congress. Recorded Recreational Reading for the Blind, Inc. and its " The Valley Talking News" is associated with the Arizona Braille and Talking Book Library. A patron can also apply for magazines and books by calling the library at (602) 255-5578.

​The FREE Talking Book Library

​ELIGIBILITY to receive these special services means a person must be unable to utilize ordinary print due to blurred or double vision, inability to turn pages or hold a book, or other visual or physical limitation.

​Certification must be provided

​by an optometrist, physician, registered nurse, public or welfare agencies, or a professional librarian. This requires a brief statement verifying the individual's inability to read ordinary print.

New Digital Audio Book Player



• FREE for all who qualify

• Earphones not included

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