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Are you volunteering?

KRUV Radio Sun is based in Arizona and is the voice of volunteers, agencies and services. KRUV is owned and operated by RRRB where every week dedicated and talented volunteers gather to produce the West Valley Talking News, audio books and magazines, as well as programming for KRUV Radio Sun.

Listen to recorded audio samples

Subscriber and volunteer applicants and charitable donors can listen here to samples of the audio recordings created by RRRB and it's dedicated volunteers. We hope you enjoy the samples we've put together for you.


To listen to our audio samples click audio player once to start and once to stop playing.

West Valley Talking News

6-minute sample

Pure Goldwater (book)

John W. Dean

Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.

Narrated by Cathy Holler

2-minute sample

It May Be Forever (book)

David M. Quinn

Narrated by Joe McCord

5-minute sample

Duty, Honor, Country (book)

Colonel George "Bud" Day

Narrated by Tom Fagan

4-minute sample