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"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple!" -Dr. Seuss

                                                                               Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Do you use readers with experience in the performing arts?

    • Yes indeed, over the years we have been fortunate to work with people with this type of background.  The skillsets are not identical but some are a good basis for this type of reading .


  • Are you able to provide virtual network opportunities for remote readers?

    • Regretfully, not at this time


  • I do professional voice-over work and have my own studio. Can I read for you and provide files electronically?

    • Absolutely! Our only requirement is that the quality of the product is usable for our broadcast.


  • How do I find services for the visually impaired outside of Maricopa County, Arizona?


  • Do you record children's books?

    • To date we have not yet been asked. As a rule, we record all types of books except for text books, and we also do custom recordings for individuals who for some reasons may not be able to use the NLS standard service,  or who cannot find their particular book in the catalog.


  • Can children under the age of 18 volunteer as readers?

    • Yes. However, when reading for the AZ Talking Book program the NLS standards (National Library Service) must be followed. This requires training and time commitment to the program. Six  months of onsite experience associated with the production of audible books is required.  That said, for custom single recording requests OR for news articles, minimal training is needed. For either scenario an audition would be required.


  • Do you record books by special request?

    • Yes, we call these our “custom single recording requests”; some may involve possible copyright restrictions.


  • Are you able to records books and other materials for anyone other than the visually impaired?

    • Yes, for certain special circumstances we would consider requests of this type, depending upon any copyright laws which may come into play.


  • Can other service organizations subscribe or just visually impaired individuals?

    • Just visually impaired individuals, except for one-off custom requests.


  • What do I do if I have not received this week's talking news?

    • Contact our office at 623-933-0985.


  • What do I do if my recorder malfunctions?


  • How do I cancel services?

    • Contact our office at 623.933.0985 or the main office in downtown Phoenix at 602-255-5578.



  • Do I have to audition as a reader in person or can I send an audition tape?

    • You must audition in person.


  • Why do my recordings sometimes arrive and start playing in the middle of the program instead of from the beginning?

    • For assistance with technical problems such as this  please contact the main AZ Talking Books Library at 602.255.5578.


  • Do you engage with foreign language readers?

    • Yes, on an exception basis as specific needs arise


  • Do you accept donations of already recorded books and programming?

    • No, we cannot at this time.



  • Can podcasters apply to help with KRUV Radio Sun programming?

    • Yes, please call our office at 623.933.0985 to discuss.


  • How can libraries take advantage of these recordings?

    • The AZ Talking Books Library makes their recorded books available to public libraries.


  • Do you need DJs for KRUV Radio Sun to record music segments?

    • Not DJ's per se; however, we do need someone with experience in administering the software which manages our station. We would love to hear from anyone with this type of experience! 


  • Do you accept volunteers seasonally?

    • Absolutely!!


  • Are there any opportunities to volunteer besides being a reader?


  • Do you accept invitations from magazines and newspapers to record their content for your audience?

    • No, this would not be part of our core mission.

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